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The most well known is probably the Mute swan.Swans are sometimes seen as a symbol of fidelity and love because they often mate for life and have close relationships.They can also symbolise a transformation and growth because of the Ugly Duckling story.Its also a very common garden bird, robins are actually quite tame.Although they are very territorial birds with each other and will defend their territory fearlessly.The Robin can be easily identified by its distinctive red breast and brown feathers.As well as in our gardens, Robins can also be seen in headlands, woodlands and parks.You can spot Robins all year round, their favourite thing to do is forage and dig for worms.Ravens are a symbolic bird but they tend to represent evil in films and literature.They can be quite aggressive if they feel intimidated and their large size and black feathers make them seem quite daunting.Ravens have also been known as the vultures of the sheep country as they are always scavenging and looking to pick up dying animals.Owls have been symbolic birds for many years, developing a range of different symbolic meanings throughout history.They are probably best known as being wise because of the well known saying wise old owl.Most owls are nocturnal birds, making them iconic creatures of the night.There are several different types of owl in Britain, the Barn Owl, Little Owl, Long-eared Owl, Short-eared Owl and the Tawny Owl.The disturbing statistics indicate that more than a quarter of the species native to the UK are now threatened with extinction.He has explained that several factors have contributed to the increase in the number of endangered birds.These include afforestation, farming practices, increases in the number of predators like foxes and climate change.It gathers and then collates material from a variety of bird studies and bird surveys to produce an accurate picture of the status of the various avian species.Research is underway to determine the exact reasons for the decline of the species.You can see these wonderful creatures on estuaries in the winter and on moorland in summer.The birds boast a distinctive and dramatic long and curved beak, long legs and a memorable call.Thankfully the report wasnt all doom and gloom.Some species have enjoyed a significant recovery in their numbers.These birds have been able to prosper once more as they have been protected egg collectors and from attacks by people who run grouse moors.More work must be done to save all of our species but at least we have a good understanding of the situation and know which birds efforts must be focussed on.But I have to say if you can be sure to prioritise the recommended bird feed such as peanuts, fat balls or seeds if you can.When feeding dog food to wild birds its up to you to create a safe feeding area; so only serve dog food high up off the ground.If feeding them the wet, gravy soaked messy kind then its recommended you use a wild bird purpose dish or bowl.Ideally with a low lip but a cereal bowl can also be used.To serve wild birds dog food remove the tin dog food from the metal, knife sharp cans and into a bowl, dish or onto a suitable surface in the garden.Pouches will also need to be decanted but you can leave the dog food that is served in safe, aluminium trays as is.Do not use bird feeders as it will make things more difficult than they need to be; its also worth noting you should only serve up a little dog food at a time to prevent waste and reduce the smell.Proof if proof is needed that garden birds, such as this daring Jay, will feed on dry dog food out of a stainless steel dog bowl.And notice how the Jay prefers to bite on the dry dog food out of the bowl, rather than first tackle the food in the actual bowl.To feed garden birds dog food in your garden, dry food or the wet type - its imperative to offer it in a bowl to maintain a clean feeding area.To be sure to offer all common garden birds dog food, it would be a good idea to throw a little on the ground near by as to cater to ground feeding birds as well.Knowing you’ll be feeding an unusual variety of food to the visiting birds to your garden requires one vital element, that is it needs to be nutritious.Rest assured as you’ll be feeding the wet or dry dog food to birds; all options contain important nutritional value.What nutrition’s is sure to benefit them the must is the all important protein and fibre; so they are set to benefit with energy to get them


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