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What is done during the beard transplant procedure?What is the recovery period after a beard transplant?Beard transplantation is a highly specialized operation that allows you to repair or increase hair growth in relation to the beard and /or mustache. Dr. Attenello has a double degree and remains one of the few female hair surgeons. Who is recognized as a professional in this sector of hair transplantation, providing the best and most natural result. Contact the doctor note to schedule a beard transplant in beverly hills, and pay a visit to this address of sites for patients to study expanded information. Click here to study the images of hair treatment before and after What is done during the beard transplant procedure? The most important part of the procedure is the design of the beard and/or mustache area. Dr. Attenello will patiently listen to various tasks and collectively develop a design for such a region. Beard transplantation is a technique in the office - and visitors feel comfortable with the help of pharmacy products that help you relax and check for any pain. A strip of hair is removed from the back of the head, and just in case it is cut into specific hair grafts. Then they are carefully placed in a specially designated area. The location in the right area and at the right angle plays a key role in obtaining natural results and the attenello specialist always tries to achieve the most natural results. What is the recovery period after a beard transplant? As a result of surgical intervention, you can expect a slight redness and formation of the crust in the place where the hair grafts were placed, and this usually penetrates in a matter of days or a week. Depending on your level of rest, sick people are not prohibited from doing business and social life in a couple of days. But, people are not advised to engage in certain activities, such as weight lifting and smoking. After all, the hairs on the head are used for hair picking, these hairs will all increase as such, and they will need to be constantly trimmed. If there are any thoughts at home about where and how much to use fue hair transplant cost, you have the opportunity to call with our company on the website pages.


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